How to Block/Unblock Someone on WhatsApp


WhatsApp is a messaging application giant. Here, in this application one can send and receive text messages, photos, videos, documents, etc. If anyone has your number and both you and the other person are on WhatsApp then they can connect to you through WhatsApp.


However, this might look very safe but at times someone contacting you from an unknown number and disturbing you might cause trouble, or any person in your contact itself is very disturbing, or maybe you do not want to be contacted by some of your nosy relatives to contact you, at such times, one tends to block them.

You may use a third-party app like GBWhatsApp if you feel annoyed by someone. As you might think that if blocking lets them know, you might be embarrassed. Its features will let notify you if that person has come online, you can instantly hide your online status, last seen, or freeze it to save yourself. But if you want to block them on WhatsApp without feeling embarrassed,  do that without letting them know.

What Happens If I Block Someone?

  • They cannot make a WhatsApp Audio or Video Call.
  • They will not be able to send messages to you on WhatsApp.
  • They cannot see what status you have uploaded on WhatsApp.
  • They will not be able to see your DP.

Can You Block Someone on WhatsApp Without Letting Them Know?

block on WhatsApp

If you block someone on WhatsApp, such person will not get any notification that they have been blocked. So definitely you can block someone without letting them know. However, there are some indications that the blocked person can get and assume that they have been blocked. Let us see what are these indications:

  • The blocked user would not be able to see your profile picture or last seen or you’re about section.
  • The blocked user can not view your posted statuses.
  • The blocked user can call you but they will be always waiting and will never be connected. The similar is the case with video calls.
  • The blocked user cannot add you to any group.
  • The blocked user can send a message but their message will never be delivered.

Steps to Block Someone on WhatsApp

Way 1:

  • Firstly, open the WhatsApp application.
  • Then as you are redirected to the WhatsApp home screen look for the person from your chat tab to be blocked.
  • On finding the chat open it.
  • Then click on the three-dotted icon on the top of the screen.

tap on 3 dots

  • From the drop-down menu, click on more.

click on more

  • Then click on the block.

click on block


  • A dialogue will appear on the screen whether you want to block the contact or not and finally click on the block if you want to block the contact.

block dialogue box

Way 2:

  • Firstly, open the WhatsApp application.
  • Then as you are redirected to the WhatsApp home screen, click on the three-dotted icon at the top of the screen.
  • From the drop-down menu click on settings, then accounts, then privacy, scroll down to blocked contacts, open it and click on the add option, and finally add the contact which you want to block.

block someone on whatsapp

How to Unblock a Blocked Contact?

Sometimes we block someone first but later feel to unblock them. Just say you blocked your best friend after a fight but now you want to put things in the place. So let us see how you can unblock someone on WhatsApp.

  • Open WhatsApp.
  • Click on three dots in the right top corner.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Now go to Account > Privacy
  • Go to blocked contacts
  • Finally, click on the one which you want to unblock.



It is pretty clear if you block someone on WhatsApp they would not know it directly so block the person without any hesitation. Even though we have given you some steps you unblock them so you do not regret them later.

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