How to Set up Auto-Reply Messages in GB WhatsApp?


It offers you to set auto-reply messages in offline mode. GB WhatsApp lets you preset replies to messages being offline. Users can send an automated message reply through this feature. Although it is not given by default, you have to enable the auto-reply feature on this app.


You can set auto-reply for either contacts or groups or both. It also lets you set a sample auto-reply for either all the messages or for exact words or phrases. It also notifies you of a delay in seconds for sending an auto-reply message. You can schedule messages for your meetings at a specific time.

Learn How to use GB WhatsApp

Guide to Use Auto Reply Messages in GB WhatsApp

Step 1. Open the  GBWhatsapp.

To enjoy more such features and tweaks, update GBWhatsApp to the latest version on your Android.

Step 2. Tap on three dots in the top right corner.

Step 3. Click on the GB Settings option.

Step 4. Select the Auto Reply Message option.

Step 5. Enable the auto-reply feature.

enable auto reply messages in gb whatsapp


Step 6. A lot of options will appear, choose the ‘contains’ option.

Step 7. Set the start and end times.

Step 8. Type the message to send as an auto-reply.


Step 9. Select contacts to set up for auto-reply.

Options of auto reply message in gb whatsapp

Step 10. In the end, Toggle on Add button.

Switch on Auto reply messages in gb whatsapp

Click on the plus (+) button to create an auto-reply message. Now you’re all set to send away messages in GB WhatsApp even when you’re busy.

Pros and Cons of Using Auto-Reply Setting

It offers exciting features and tricks like you can hide and unhide online, auto-reply, and much more. Also, it is totally safe to use, the automated message feature has some pros and cons-

Pros: This auto-reply setting in GB WhatsApp is very flexible. It allows you to choose specific contacts or groups before you set to reply. While being busy, you can set the timer, it will auto send your scheduled message.

Cons: It is effective on small scale only. It’s difficult to select a template from different texts. An active Internet Connection is a must. Also, it has a limit to customization settings.

Wind Up!

It offers a lot of additional features compared to official WhatsApp. The latest version of GBWhatsApp has a feature to set an auto-reply to messages. The guide to set auto-reply messages on GBWhatsapp will make things easy for users. You can create your replies for the scheduled time whenever you’re busy.

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