WhatsApp Pro Download V 10.10.20 APK Latest 2022 (Official)


WhatsApp Pro is a modified version of Official Whatsapp, it provides various interesting and customizable features. This modded application has various advantages over the official Whatsapp. Through this modded application, you can use countless themes and animated elements.


WhatsApp Pro

WhatsApp Pro APK Download

To download WhatsApp Pro APK, you need to have a minimum of 1 GB RAM and access to an internet connection. We provided the download link and file information below.

WhatsApp Pro


Application File Details

App NameWhatsApp Pro
O.S RequirementAndroid 4.1 and above
Last UpdatedToday

WhatsApp PRO Download

WhatsApp Pro Features

WhatsApp Pro Application is the best for communication. It primarily focuses on design. Hence, provides you with many customizable attributes. Some of them are explained below.


Ban icon

This feature assures you that your account will not get banned even if you’re using the cracked version. The account is still safe as you are still using the WhatsApp application.

Pin pattern and lock


You can secure private content with the help of the inbuilt app lock, which allows you to set a pin, pattern, and lock.

Read deleted messages and read status


When someone deletes a message, you become curious to know whether it was abusive content or a sweet message. With WhatsApp Pro, you can read the deleted messages and status.

Hide conference name


This feature will hide your name during a conference, you can hide the contact call icon for certain users. They cannot call you when this feature is active. You can hide your stories from people.

Send uncompressed images


Whenever you send a message on WhatsApp, the image quality is reduced. In WhatsApp Pro, you can send images without being compressed.

Dark Mode

Dark mode icon

The entire theme of your WhatsApp will appear dark with white text. This gives you less eye-straining at the night. However, people like to use it during the day too, as it appears more stylish.

Larger size for sharing documents

Do not limit yourself from sharing any documents. The latest version allows you to send larger size files.

Change the icon

The wide range of customization allows you to change the start icon of the app, which was not possible in the original version.

Chat without saving the number

Chat without saving the number.

Though WhatsApp is a great messaging service, we had to save the contact form before we could chat with them. WhatsApp Pro allows you to directly chat on their messaging application without saving the number.

DND Mode

DND Mode


When the DND Mode is active, you cannot send or receive any message. It acts as a flight mode for your WhatsApp. It allows you to shut off the notifications and focus on what you are doing. Also, till you enable it.

Self Destructive Messages

delete message icon

Once the recipient has read your message, it will automatically get deleted. This keeps the message thread clutter-free and more organized. Also, it makes it more secure.

Theme Store

Theme icon

You may not require downloading themes from outside because this app contains over 700+ themes in their store. It also offers you to customize the themes as per your choice. Users can change the layout, background color, slider, and a lot more.

Message Scheduler

Schedule message icon


WhatsApp message scheduler is one of the very prominent features of this application. It delivers messages at a set time, be it a birthday wish, anniversary, etc.

Customize font

Using WhatsApp Pro, users can change the style, size, and color of fonts. WhatsApp Pro offers many options for customization to its users.

Background color of words

WhatsApp Pro gives the option to change the background color of some words from the paragraph or from the sentences.

Customize chat screen

WhatsApp Pro users can also customize their chat screen by changing the background of the chat screen and the size and shape of the message bubble.

Reply emojis

This is one of the unique features of WhatsApp Pro. Users can convert the text into emojis. They just have to press the emoji icon for 3 seconds and type the text. It will automatically convert text into emojis.

Installation Guide

Step 1: Get a backup of your chat and media.

Step 2: Enable downloading from unknown sources -> Go to Settings -> Security -> enable Unknown Sources.

Unknown source settings

Step 3: Download the APK file from the above link.

Step 4: Open the app from File Manager. Tap on Install.

Step 5: Enter your number. You will receive an OTP through SMS.

Step 6: Enter the OTP and complete the verification process.

Step 7: Set up your profile picture and name.

You have successfully installed WhatsApp Pro on your Android Device.

WhatsApp Pro vs WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the best digital services available. It is not just a messaging application now, they also allow us to make digital payments. Even then, users feel many features are missing – which gives birth to mod versions like WhatsApp Pro.

WhatsApp Pro provides features that WhatsApp users wanted – like hiding tick marks, auto-reply, DND mode, themes, and more.

A major concern is regarding the security of your data when using a mod version. However, WhatsApp had also faced severe backlash over user concerns that data was being shared with its parent company, Facebook.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is WhatsApp Pro?

It is a modified version of the official instant messaging app, WhatsApp, with added customization and privacy features.

Is WhatsApp Pro free?

Yes, this mod version is 100% free.

Is WhatsApp Pro Safe?

Yes! It is a completely safe app. There are no issues of any malware reported to date. However, it is still a modded version of the official WhatsApp and therefore is labeled as illegitimate.

How do I update WhatsApp Pro?

Since the app is a mod version, it won’t be available on Google Play Store. You can download the updated version from the download link above.


WhatsApp Pro has several advantages over the official app. It also provides surplus features which lack in the official app. Although the app is designed with the anti-ban feature, users should not use this with their primary account. As there is still a chance of ban.


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