WhatsApp Plus APK Download v21.0 [Updated] For Android – Anti Ban!


WhatsApp plus is a mod version of the most prominent WhatsApp messaging app. It is developed by a third party whose main aim while developing the app is to provide extra features to the users that the original WhatsApp is lacking along with current WhatsApp functions but in an upgraded form. This mod app is used by millions of users and will definitely enhance your chatting experience.


The WhatsApp plus apk is a prominent cracked version of WhatsApp. This app has a user-friendly interface and easy accessibility. The latest version of WhatsApp plus provides high customization options which are not available on the original app or on any other cracked versions.

WhatsApp Plus Latest Version


WhatsAppPlus Apk Download

What is WhatsApp Plus APK

The WhatsApp plus apk allows you to manage multiple accounts on a single app. Furthermore, its latest update doesn’t degrade the quality of the shared media file and hide your view status. Plus, you can also share a high number of files at once. However, it is a good idea to uninstall the original WhatsApp app before going for this mod version.

This apk is not available on the Google Play store or any other authentic app store. There are various mod versions available, but the WhatsApp Plus latest mod version has a lot of additional features. It is totally free of cost, although it is not legal to use as it is a modified version, however, this app comes with the anti-ban feature which will disable WhatsApp to ban your WhatsApp account.


WhatsApp Plus latest version apk

WhatsApp Plus Developers

You will not find WhatsApp Plus in Google Play Store or any other Play Store because it was developed by a third party who is a Spanish developer. Rafalanse has developed WhatsApp Plus with the intention of providing more exciting features than the original version.

Download WhatsApp plus apk

More than 2 billion people are using WhatsApp with reviews by millions of users. Even then, there are many features that aren’t available on WhatsApp, like hiding blue ticks and double ticks, auto-reply feature, lots of themes, customizable user interface, and more. Users download modded versions like WhatsApp Plus to get access to these attractive features.

File Information

App NameWhatsApp Plus APK
DeveloperWhatsApp Mods
File Size53 MB
License TypeFreeware
Last UpdatedToday

WhatsApp Plus Apk Download

Features of WhatsApp Plus APK

1. Customization

Theme Customization feature in WhatsApp Plus


There are a lot of themes that are unique & versatile in WhatsApp messenger plus. You can customize your WhatsApp interface according to your preference. It allows you to select the color of text, buttons, & graphics. It contains more than 700 themes. Also, you can use themes developed by other fellow users or can create your own themes too. Plus, you can customize the notification popup customize widgets also.

2. Stickers & Emojis

Custom emojis and stickers feature in WhatsApp Plus


You get new stickers & emojis packs when you install WhatsApp Plus. Users can also download the latest trending sticker packs to go with trends. There are 2500+ sticker packs available with 65+ sections. Even you can make your own sticker set by installing the sticker maker from the play store. But only WhatsApp Plus users can view these emojis or stickers.

3. Hiding Options

Hide blue ticks and online status feature in WhatsApp Plus


In WhatsApp, you can hide online status & blue ticks with all contacts but in WhatsApp Plus you can hide active status and blue ticks from specific contacts also. All contacts or selected contacts will not be able to see you online when you use the hide your online status option. You can even hide blue ticks from any contact or group.

4. App Cleaner

WhatsApp Plus Cleaner function


You can delete unnecessary chats, images, & all extra stuff to clear up the space with this option. You need not worry about necessary data as WhatsApp Plus deletes only unwanted stuff. This is a unique feature that is available on WhatsApp Plus.

5. Writing & Recording Status

Hide your recording status


WhatsApp Plus allows you to hide your typing & recording status when you are replying to any message. So, now you can type and erase until you get a perfect reply for the chat without revealing that you are typing. This applies to recording status as well.

6. Advanced File Sharing Option

Send large files feature in WhatsApp Plus


This application allows you to share files up to 50 MB. It also provides file size modification from 2MB to 50MB. This file-sharing option is not there in the original WhatsApp. You can also share 90 pictures at a single time whereas, in original WhatsApp app, you can send only 10 images at a time.

7. Wallpapers

Custom wallpaper for conversation screen (chat screen)


Another amazing feature that this app provides is its unlimited wallpapers. You can even customize your chat screen with these unique wallpapers and make WhatsApp Plus look way more attractive.

8. Auto-Reply

auto reply feature in WhatsApp Plus


In the original app, the auto-reply feature is available for business accounts only. But with WhatsApp Plus you can set and send an automated reply message to the specific contacts you want.

9. Font, Styles, and Text

Font style, size and color feature in WA Plus


WhatsApp Plus provides you with a wide variety of fonts and style. You get a wide collection of different colors, styles, sizes, & shapes of fonts. This feature will definitely enhance your chatting experience and make your boring WhatsApp text messages to appealing and attractive.

10. Logs and History

log history in WA Plus


This feature keeps the track of every activity that you perform on your account. You can track your history & logs, including when you have launched & exit the app. Using this feature, users can find out whether their account is active on other devices or not and at what date or time their account was being accessed on other devices.

11. Send Large Files

send large size files function in WA Plus


You can send high-quality images, and video status longer than 7 minutes. Also, it allows you to share 50MB of video files & 100MB of audio recordings whereas, in official WhatsApp, the limit of sending files is only 16 MB.

12. Anti-Delete Messages and View Status

anti delete feature in WA Plus


In WhatsApp Plus, there is an anti-delete feature that allows users to see messages and view status that are being deleted by the sender or contact.


13. DND Mode

Do not disturb mode


DND (Do Not Disturb) mode in WhatsApp Plus enables users to disconnect the app from the internet. DND Mode works as an airplane mode but only for WhatsApp plus app. Users can use other apps without getting disturbed by calls and messages from WhatsApp Plus.

 14. Messages Scheduler

message scheduler function in WA Plus


If you have a problem with not remembering important things then this feature is for you. Using this feature, users can schedule a message which means they can pre-type a message and schedule to send the message at a specific date and time to the particular contact. In this way, users can send important messages at a right time.

15. In-App Translation

In App Translation in WA Plus


Using WhatsApp Plus mod, you can translate your text messages into another language. Now you don’t have to download another app for translation as this feature is in-built into WA Plus. Furthermore, this app has 60+ languages.

HeyMods WhatsApp Plus Version 19.00.0 (updated) – Features

HeyMods are mod lovers who have built other modified versions of WhatsApp like – YoWhatsApp, FMWhatsApp, and GB WhatsApp. Download WhatsApp Plus APK by HeyMods from the download link below.

Download WhatsApp Plus APK By AlexMods


Features in WhatsApp Plus By HeyMods

  • Hide privacy terms and chats
  • DIY theme
  • Disable the phone call option
  • Recording audio status
  • Customize messages screen
  • Translation Option
  • Pause and resume voice note recording
  • Change blue tick colors
  • Hide view from stories
  • Hide Blue microphone option
  • Base Updated

AlexMods WhatsApp Plus Version 14.00 (updated) – Features

You can get the latest version of AlexMods in zip format. You need to click on the download button below in order to get the zip file. Extract the file & install WhatsApp Plus. Before downloading, enable unknown sources from your device setting.

Download WhatsAppPlus APK By AlexMods


Features in WhatsApp Plus By AlexMods 

  • Dark & light theme
  • Updated base
  • Hide your view status
  • Animated emoticons
  • Switch translation mode
  • In-Built app lock
  • Enable Disable anti-revoke option
  • Hide blue tick option
  • New sticker packages
  • Customize background & themes

Installation Guide

WhatsApp Plus is not available on the Google play store as it is a clone version of WhatsApp Messenger. To get this app on your android device, You have to download the Apk file manually from an external trusted site.

Here is the process to download and install the app on android devices.

Step 1: Before you download and install the third-party app, enable the option of “unknown sources” from the security settings.

Here’s how you can do it: Open Settings on your android device -> click on Security -> select Unknown Source -> Enable the option.


Unknown Sources

Step 2: Take the WhatsApp chat and data backup before installing the app.


Back up

Step 3: Now download the WhatsApp Plus Apk from the button given above on this page.

Step 4:  Wait till the Apk file gets downloaded.

Step 5: Search for the app in File Manager.

Step 6: Now open the app and tap on the “install” WhatsApp button and wait for the installation process to be complete.

Step 7: Click on the “Agree” button to accept the terms and conditions of the app.


terms and conditions of WhatsApp Plus

Step 8: Enter your phone number. You will receive an OTP (One time Password) that will automatically verify your phone number.


OTP Verification in WhatsApp Plus

Step 9: After the verification process is complete, give permission to Gallery, Contacts, Storage, and Mic.

Step10: Restore the WhatsApp back in the new version of the WhatsApp Plus app.


Restore Backup on WhatsApp Plus App

Step 11: Enter your user name and set your profile picture.


Set profile photo and enter user name

Now it is all set! You can now enjoy all the extra and advanced features of WhatsApp Plus.

WhatsApp Plus Older Versions

Here is the list of the older version of WhatsApp Apk. You can download these Apk files absolutely free.

Download WhatsAppPlus 20.50

Download WhatsAppPlus 20.40.1

Download WhatsAppPlus 20.30.1

Download WhatsAppplus 20.30

Download WhatsAppplus 20.20

Download WhatsAppplus 20.10.1

Note:- This app is highly compatible and so all types of smartphones are compatible & supported.

Method to Update WhatsApp Plus APK

The WhatsApp Plus app is not available on the Google Play store. So, you need to download it from a secure site. Before downloading & installing the app, do the following procedure.

Step 1: Open your current WhatsApp Plus Apk and click on the three-dot menu.

Step 2: Select ‘Settings’ from the list of features.

Step 3: After that, click on the ‘Chats’ option.


Whatsapp Plus APK backup

Step 4: Next, tap on the ‘Chat Backup’ option.

Step 5: Click the ‘Back Up’ option from the menu.


Whatsapp backup

Step 6: The backup process will start automatically.

Step 7: Then, download & install the WhatsApp Plus latest version APK.

Step 8: Next, click on the ‘Restore’ option for restoring.

Use this process & migrate to WhatsApp Plus new version without losing your chat history. You can even store the backup on your Google Drive.

Pros and Cons of WhatsApp Plus

This mod version is an advanced version of the original app developed for users who like to enjoy the exclusive advanced features, but like every modded version, this version also has both pros and cons.


Advantages of using WhatsApp plus


👍WhatsApp plus has additional features which have not been rolled out on the original WhatsApp yet.

👍It is a highly customized application.

👍It also provides tons of privacy features, some of them are – hiding your online status & blue ticks, hiding your writing status, etc.

👍It helps users to download or send images in original quality and share a large audio size file up to 100 MB.

👍This app comes with the anti-delete function that will able users to see deleted messages or status.


Disadvantages of using whatsapp plus


👎 It is against the WhatsApp terms and conditions.

👎There is no auto-update available. Users need to regularly update the app manually.

👎Legal Issues Due to the DMCA takedown, Google has removed this application from the play store. But you can still download it from various different sources. This creates security issues with the authenticity & legality of this App.

👎Even after the anti-ban feature, there is a possibility that the WhatsApp app may ban user who uses a mod version of WhatsApp.

Reasons for Not Working of the App

There can be many reasons for installing or working of WhatsApp Plus on your android device. Here are possible reasons and their solution for this problem.

1. Network Issue: For installing and running the app successfully on the device, a strong network connection is a must. Please check your mobile data connectivity or wifi connection if you are facing this problem.

2. Storage Space: Minimum storage space required to download the app is always more than the size of the Apk file. If you have a storage problem then delete some unwanted data from android devices before downloading the Apk file.

3. Updated Version: If your current WhatsApp Plus app is not working then update the app to its latest version as soon as possible.

Other WhatsApp Mod Apps

In the current app market, there are various other WhatsApp mods available. Each and every modified versions have its own unique features that create differentiation between them. However, every clone versions have additional and upgraded functionalities that the current official WhatsApp app is lacking. Here are some of the most popular modified versions that you can also try.

Note:- If you want to get full information as well as virus-free download links of all the other WhatsApp mods then check out GBWA.xyz website. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why WA Plus is different from WhatsApp?

WhatsApp Plus has many additional features. Some of the features are – hide writing status, sending high-quality images and audio size in original quality, access to stickers maker, and many more.

Is WA Plus Available for iOS (iPhone and iPad)?

WhatsApp Plus is available for iOS users, but it is only available on iPhones. WhatsApp Plus does not support iPad at the moment.

Is WA Plus available for PC?

Yes, you can download Whatsapp plus apk for windows PC but you’ll need an android emulator for running the app on the pc.

No, it is not legal, as it is a further modified version. It is not available on the play store or any other authentic app store.

Can WhatsApp Plus be banned?

Yes, your account may get banned permanently from the official WhatsApp Messenger app for using the APK version. Nevertheless, your android phone is safe from malware and adware.

Final Verdict

WhatsApp Plus is a perfect messaging app on which you can easily make video and voice calls. Although it is an apk version that is not legally accepted. You can download this app and take the benefits of the advanced features that are not accessible on the official version. You should access it carefully as this is a modded version, you could get banned even with the anti-ban features with new updates on the official app.

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