WhatsApp Group Links [2021] Join 12000+ Active WhatsApp Groups

WhatsApp group link redirects you to join the particular group on WhatsApp which is a well known messaging app. It has always been progressive and provides new features every few days. Ever since the WhatsApp group feature has been added, it has gathered many people in the same place. It has fused and connected family, friends, colleagues together. The admin just needs to add members or participants in a group or could share the WhatsApp group link so that just by clicking on it, people who want to join the group can enter inside the group chat room.


Today there are many WhatsApp group links available on the internet which are open to all. You can become a member of that group just by clicking on that link. The interest of the people lies in different fields. Some have an interest in education, some in sports, some in technology, some in politics, science, games, etc. You can join the WhatsApp group as per your interest through these links. WhatsApp group join link is very easy to operate and grants participation in that group. We have listed a huge number of links related to almost every field. Users can look for their desired or favourite group.

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WhatsApp Group Links

Isn’t this method of joining a group easy? Earlier the task was so tiresome. The admin had to first save the contact numbers, then add participants by himself. Now everything has been simplified. The admin can just share a link and whomever is interested can join the group by simply clicking on the invite link. In today’s dynamic world don’t limit or bind yourself, socialize, learn new things, increase your knowledge by connecting with new people. Here you will get all categories, according to culture, interest, etc. You can choose your favourite category.


Here, you were provided with WhatsApp group links to join. If you want to create a WhatsApp group link, this is what you have to do.

How To Create WhatsApp Group Link

  • Tap Group Name.
  • You can see the option ‘Invite via the link’. Tap on it.
  • The link will automatically be generated.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can one find WhatsApp group link?

  • Tap on group info.
  • Now tap on ‘Add Member’.
  • Now find the group via link.
  • Next, copy the link and share with anybody.

How To submit or add WhatsApp group links?

  • Tap on the Contact Form.
  • Now share your WhatsApp group’s invite link.
  • After link submission, within 24 hours, it will get approved.

How can one Revoke WhatsApp Group Link?

  • Open up the group whose link you want to revoke.
  • Now hit the group name.
  • Now click on the option ‘Invite via the link’.
  • Now you’ll find a new option ‘Revoke link’.
  • As you click on it, the WhatsApp group link will get revoked.

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