OGWhatsApp APK Download 2021 Latest Version (Anti-Ban)


OGWhatsApp is a modified version of WhatsApp. It’s a third-party app that was built with the intention to enhance the user experience by offering extra features that are not accessible on the original app. WhatsApp has over 500 million users that speak about the app’s credibility. In spite of all the ease, we have always wanted more features and better advancements in which the original WhatsApp still lacks behind. This is where OG WhatsApp comes into function. The app is designed to meet the privacy and security needs of those users who give importance to the safety of their devices while using any application.

Just like GB WhatsApp and FM WhatsApp, OGWhatsapp APK is user-friendly with a clean interface and has some additional features. You can also join some amazing WhatsApp groups here. OGWhatsApp 2021 is one of the most popular mod versions of WhatsApp, due to its extraordinary features like anti-ban, message scheduler, dual accounts and many more that have attracted people. Due to this, its users are also increasing every day.

OG WhatsApp App is completely free and maintains superb functionality and security. This modded app is best for those who like to have extra security and privacy settings. You can get more added functionality by using WhatsApp Gold.


Overview of OGWhatsApp

OGWhatsapp download 2021 has many customization features like locking a particular chat, message scheduler and etc. which makes it different from other messaging apps. Furthermore, you can use OG WhatsApp 2021 as a primary or secondary account. Even though OGWhatsapp is a third party mod, it does not modify any system settings or pose any security threats.


OGWhatsApp File Information

Application NameOGWhatsApp
App Size52 MB
Android VersionAndroid 4.1 and above
Updated onAugust 2021

OG WhatsApp Apk Download

Features Of OGWhatsApp

The latest version of OG WhatsApp 2021 has various admirable features that make it a popular modded app. The different features that make it special are

WhatsApp Call


Make Calls to Non-Saved Contacts

Through this, you can now call or message any particular contact without saving their number in the contact list. This feature is useful for making one-time calls.


Anti-Ban Apk

These modded versions are constantly on the radar of the WhatsApp officials who ban users using the third-party WhatsApp APKs. The developers of OG WhatsApp have sorted out this issue and now you will not get banned anymore.


Download Status

Rooted Status Downloads Feature

The official WhatsApp app doesn’t let you download and save the statuses uploaded by your contacts. Surprisingly you can make use of this feature on OG WhatsApp as it offers users the ability to download the status of stories and of other people.

In-Built Message Scheduler

It enable the user to send the message at the mentioned time later. It will then automatically send your message to the person even if the user is offline, the message will be sent at the set time.

Whatsapp group

More Than 35 Characters Group Name

In OG WhatsApp APK you can now make your group names more creative as they allow you to name your group within 35 characters, unlike the official WhatsApp where the group limit is 25.

Block Call

Block Particular Contact’s Call

The modified version provides you with this feature of blocking the call option of contact without fully blocking the contact. Your contact won’t be able to make out that it has been blocked.

Multiple images

90 Images at a Time

With this application, you can send up to 90 images in one go without sending images in slots of 10 which is how it is in case of the Official WhatsApp.

Written characters

Increased Written Status Characters

You can write elaborately and clearly in the latest version of OGWhatsApp APK where they give you the freedom to write up to 250 words in your status.

WhatsApp themes

Download Variety of Themes

You can get your hands on a large library of themes for your chats and backgrounds to make your screen more lively and aesthetic.

Download And Install OGWhatsApp Apk 2021

You can easily download OGWhatsApp Apk, make sure you go to your Android’s settings-> security -> unknown sources and enable the option of downloading from unknown sources in your phone.

Allow unknown sources

  • Go to the Download section of this page and tap on the download button above.
  • The APK File will be directly downloaded in your device.
  • Locate the file and install it in your device.Install WhatsApp APK
  • Now open the app and enter the phone number.OG WhatsApp Verification
  • Next, it will send an OTP and verify the mobile number automatically.
  • It has been successfully installed on your Android phone.
  • You can now use this app easily.

OG Whatsapp pro apk download 2021 is completely safe. As of now, there aren’t any reports on malware issues. Also, users do not require to root their Android phones. OG Whatsapp apk download for Android provides 1000+ themes and launcher icons that will awe-inspire you.

Required Permissions for OGWhatsApp

  • Access to the internet data.
  • Device access of Bluetooth, Mic, Camera, Wifi, NFC, Fingerprint.
  • Terminate background tasks.
  • Access to the location of the device.
  • Access WiFi, Bluetooth, Camera, Mike, NFC.
  • Ability to send and receive SMS.
  • Ability to read and modify contacts.
  • Modify Audio and Video Settings.
  • Get details of user accounts.
  • Record Audio through the mic.
  • Read and write contents to the external storage.
  • Phone vibration function.
  • Use phone’s map services.

Is OGWhatsApp Safe?

Despite being a third-party app, it is safe to use. The third-party apps are the further modified app by the third-party developer in order to provide additional services. Although it claims to provide anti-ban features through which the original app does not ban the user’s account it is always recommended to use these modded versions with a secondary account to avoid any risk of your account being banned.


What exactly is OGWhatsApp?

OG Whatsapp is a mod applied over the official WhatsApp. As it is based on the official app, it gets the same stability and features plus all the added mods.

Does WhatsApp ban OG WhatsApp?

With every update, OG Whatsapp is getting safer and more ban-proof. But you have to be cautious as this is a mod after all. So use a temporary or secondary number to avoid problems.

How to download and install OGWhatsApp?

You can download the app from this site and follow the downloading and installation process.

How to set up OGWhatsApp?

After installing the mod apk of OG Whatsapp, all you need to do is provide your mobile number and verify it. And you will be up and running.

How do I update OGWhatsApp?

You can download the updated APK File and install it on your device to get the latest updated version of OG Whatsapp on your device.


Here you have it, OGWhatsApp is the best modded messaging app through which you can make voice and video calls. Also, it provides various messaging features that are not accessible on any other app. But keep in mind that it is a modded app that is not legal to use. Furthermore, the official app gets regular security and tested feature updates, which makes the app more stable and secure.

Disclaimer: Accessing a modded version is illegal and it may get you in trouble, it is good to go with the legal platforms. The article is provided only for educational purposes and we do not support any such illegal activity in any way.

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