OG Instagram Apk Latest Version (v10.15) Download [Official]


OG Instagram is an unofficial modded version of the actual Instagram app. It is structured similarly to the popular Instagram app except for the App icon. Moreover, it has additional features and options like downloading and sharing videos, images, going live, and a lot more stuff that is not present in the official app. There are more such mods with updated options, just like GB Instagram.


OGInsta+ app on android screen

OG Instagram latest version has an inbuilt indicator that provides information to the users about the particular profile following and unfollowing status. It also sends a notification when someone follows you. If you are a Whatsapp user, you can also try alternative mods like GB WhatsApp, WhatsApp Gold, and FMWhatsApp, instead of the normal version.


Download Instagram OG Apk

downloaded OGInsta+ on android screen

Instagram OG apk download is in millions now, which shows that this app is incredible. Android users can’t get this app from the Google Play Store as it is unofficial. You can safely download this app from here.

App NameOG Instagram
App Size25MB
App VersionLatest Version
Supported AndroidAndroid 4 and above

OG Instagram Download

Overview Instagram OG Apk

Oginsta provides various additional stuff, such as it allows you to download the media file and share them on other platforms. Instagram OG apk enables you to install modded Instagram on your smartphone.  OG Insta made various things possible. Furthermore, oginsta also supports multiple accounts along with zoom profile images in and out.

Features of OGInsta Latest Version

OGInstagram features graph

We know that OGInstagram has additional features compared to the original app. Here are some amazing features of the Instagram latest modded version that will give you a wonderful experience.

1. Multiple Accounts

With Instagram OG apk, you can use multiple accounts which were not possible in the official app.

2. Media Download

This modded version supports media downloads such as images, videos, audios, and posts which the official app lacks.

3. Share URLs

With this modded version, you can directly share the URLs of the images and videos.

4. Easy Facebook Login

This is one of the best features OGinsta offers, you can connect your Facebook account with Instagram. If you want to share anything, just one click will post your media on both platforms instantly.

5. Detect  Followers

Through this modded version you can easily make out, who is following you on Instagram? Whereas the other person who isn’t using the mod cant identify you.

6. Zoom in/out

This application allows you to zoom in and out the profile pictures to have better clarity.

7. Autoplay Videos

Unlike the official app, this modded version offer users with an autoplay feature in which the users do not have to click and play videos each time. Videos play automatically.


8. IGTV Videos

The official app does not show the big-length videos via IGTV in OG Instagram, you can watch videos of any length and even download them to watch later.

9. Auto Translation

With this feature, the users can view the comments, captions, bio’s, etc in their own language.

10. Bios and Captions

The user can easily copy captions and bios from any accessible profile and use them for their post.

11. Hide Seen Mark

With this modded version, you can read the messages of your friends or contacts without the seen marks. The seen tick will not be displayed.


12. Themes

This application provides you with abundant customizable themes. You will not face any bugs, errors, or crashes and it has also added many languages.

How to Download OG Instagram on Android?

OGInsta+ android view

As it is a third-party application, you need to enable the download from an unknown source by going to the settings of your Android device.

Step #1. Click here to download.

Step#2. Wait for the download process to get over.

Step#3. Tap on install now.

Step#4. Next, open the app and then create your account.

Step#5. You can now log in even by using any previous account also.

Permissions Required for Instagram OG Apk

Instagram Og Apk download is quite safe and will not occupy much space. To install Instagram OG, you are not required to uninstall the official app, unlike the other mod apps. Before proceeding towards its download, you need to grant certain permissions:

  1. Contacts permission
  2. Send SMS
  3. Access to maps and location
  4. External memory access
  5. Access to your Fb account
  6. Infos of accounts

System Requirements

  • Android 4 and above.
  • Minimum 1 GB RAM.
  • At least 1 GB free Internal Storage

Is it Safe?

OG Instagram download has various privacy features that make it safe and secure, although it is a third-party app that is not legal to use. There are various modded versions of Instagram available but this is the safest and secure mod version as it comes with an anti-ban feature.


OG Instagram is modded version of Instagram. It is not available on Google play store. Although, its a third party app, but it never interferes with the phone’s features or privacy. It’s safe to use on any device.

Is  it difficult to use?

OG Instagram has a similar interface with the official application. It has user-friendly options and all the details related to the operation of this application are easily understandable to the users.

Is Instagram and OG Instagram same?

Absolutely No! OG Instagram is a mod version of official Instagram with better features.

Does OG Instagram consume more data?

No! The rumors are their to distract users. Otherwise, millions of users are downloading and using OG mod everyday.

Wrap Up!

Download og instagram 2021, as it is one of the best mods for Instagram and a free-to-use application. You can enjoy its various advanced features like hiding seen status, sharing links of the videos and pictures, etc which are not supported in the official application. You can also download them to watch later offline so, you can enjoy this social platform in an interesting way. In short, this application is a complete package of all the requirements you were looking for. If you have any doubts or queries, kindly drop your message in the comment section.

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