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AK WhatsApp is developed by Mahmoud Alaskar, it is a mod version of the official WhatsApp and has 5 different versions. It comes with various unique new features that are not available on WhatsApp. AK WhatsApp is very popular among all the mods apps.


AK WhatsApp

AK WhatsApp gained popularity among the users owing to its advanced features that make the user experience more fun and interesting. One thing that makes this app stand out from other Modded versions of the original WhatsApp is that the AK WhatsApp has 5 different versions which can be used by a single user with different mobile numbers.



AK WhatsApp APK latest version

App NameAK WhatsApp
File Size51MB
Last UpdatedToday

WhatsApp Alaskar Gold

AK WhatsApp Gold  Download


Alaskar1 Blue WhatsApp

AK WhatsApp Blue Download


Alaskar2 Pink WhatsApp

AK WhatsApp Pink Download


Alaskar3 Red WhatsApp

AK WhatsApp Red Download


Alaskar4 Green WhatsApp

AK WhatsApp Green Download


As you click on the APK file, the installation process begins. Once you have successfully downloaded and installed these mod versions of WhatsApp, you can uninstall the original WhatsApp and start using this latest mod version.

Installation Guide

Ak WhatsApp is a third-party app, that’s why you cannot download the app directly from the play store or the apple store. To download the AK WhatsApp easily, follow the below steps:-

  1. Get the backup of the original WhatsApp apps into your phone.
  2. Enable the “unknown sources” option from the setting of the phone.unknown Sources
  3. Download the APK of AK WhatsApp from a trusted website.
  4. Install the app.
  5. Register your mobile number and verify it with OTP.
  6. Enter your name and restore the WhatsApp backup.


An array of themes

AK WhatsApp download offers a plethora of themes for users to choose from. You can pick any theme of your choice and use it to enhance your chat interface. This will give you a much better chatting experience than the original application.

More emojis on the list

As compared to the official WhatsApp, WhatsApp AK has more emoticons in the emoji list for providing the users with a realistic and more emotional chatting experience but, for using these emojis, the person on the receiving end must also be using the WhatsApp AK mod version.


Options for hiding

From your last seen to the double ticks and blue ticks, AK WhatsApp enables the users to hide anything they wish to. You can also hide your status from all contacts or from selected contacts. The archive version of this application enables you to hide chats you don’t wish to see.

Advanced file sharing

You could only share a file up to a size of 16 MB with the original version of WhatsApp. However, this limit has been increased to 50 MB on the AK WhatsApp mod version. The file modification limit has also increased from 25 MB to 50 MB for the users’ convenience.

Auto-reply feature

This feature ensures that you do not miss out on replying to an important/urgent text. You can send automatic replies to your chats with this feature. You can also alter the settings to ensure that you do not receive any texts for a certain period.


Logs and history

This is a new and unique feature that the original instant messaging application WhatsApp did not offer. With AK WhatsApp, you can keep a track of all the activities that are done on your account. The history and logs feature has proved beneficial to many users.

Customization options

From wallpapers to fonts and themes, AK WhatsApp gives you the leverage to alter your chatting interface at your convenience. You can change the color of the broadcast icon and the bubble color according to what you want.

DND mode

This feature enables users to disconnect only AK WhatsApp from the internet. With the DND mode feature, users will not get calls or messages even when they are using other apps which require internet access.

Media download

Users can stop media from getting downloaded into their mobile memory. In the AK WhatsApp settings, users can choose what media they want to download to their mobile gallery.

Pin chats

Users can pin more than 100 chats whereas in WhatsApp you only get 3 chats to pin.

Built-in lock

In AK WhatsApp, users can protect their personal chats by locking the account using a built-in security system. Users can use patterns, code passwords, or fingerprint locks for security.

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What is AK WhatsApp?

It is a mod version of WhatsApp offering features like archive version, delete messages, customization options, and much more.

Is AK WhatsApp safe?

Yes, you can use this mod version of the application without worrying about being banned by the original WhatsApp.

How to Download and Install AK WhatsApp?

You can safely download this app from gbwa.xyz site at ease.


Features like dark mode and changing background color make AK WhatsApp a popular mod version of the WhatsApp among users. Like various other mod versions, AK WhatsApp was also developed with the aim to provide an extra set of features to enhance the users’ chatting experience.

This current version of the WhatsApp mod works well on Android phones. With so many new and exciting features that it offers, AK WhatsApp is definitely worth giving a try.


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